Parkash Spl. Dal Makhani

Lentils cooked Parkash Dhaba style.Dal Makhani, a flavourful robust lentil preparation, is a celebrated delicacy from Punjab.

Aloo Matar

Peas and potatoes slow cooked in a savoury sauce of tomatoes, onion, herbs and tempered with roasted cumin and fenugreek.

Malai Kofta

Malai kofta is a delicious and rich main dish for any special occasion.

Shahi Panner

Shahi Paneer, which literally means Royal (Shahi) paneer, is a creamy curry dish made in tomato with soft lightly fried Indian cheese, Paneer.

Mushroom Chilli

Mushrooms Chilli is a very delicious Indian dish. Mushrooms are fat free and they are rich in proteins,fiber and vitamins.People love them for their fabulous taste and texture,and of course they look pretty too.