Parkash Spl. Meat Malai

Meat Malai is wonderful to have and include at a business party or at a dinner party.

Meat Roghan Josh

A medium north Indian style dish cooked with fresh spices and garnished with tomatoes, onions and coriander.Meat Roghan Josh is an Indian recipe, which means Hot and Fat Meat.

Meat Malai Tikka

Tender chicken fillets marinated with cardamon, mace, cream cheese, white pepper, garlic, black salt and char grilled in tandoor.

Chicken Malai

Chicken Malai is one of the famous non vegetarian starter in India. Chicken Malai is an uncommon but very delicious dish prepared from chicken, onion, cream, tomato.

Keema Kaleji

Tender chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt with dry herbs and spices, char grilled in tandoor